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Many women suffer with symptoms of vaginal prolapse but often regard  this as a normal consequence of aging. The majority of women experience a dragging sensation or the sense of something protruding down below. Women are often uncertain about the treatment options and sometimes worry that major surgery is the only way forward.

We provide  expert assessment and advice to  find a treatment option that is suitable for you. A large number of women will have an improvement in their symptoms through lifestyle changes and professionally supported pelvic floor assessment and exercises.

A vaginal pessary is an alternative method to treat symptoms of prolapse. This is a plastic or silicone device that sits in the vagina and holds the prolapse in place. It can easily be fitted  in the clinic and only needs to be replaced every 6 months. For many women this can be a long-term solution and an excellent way to treat their symptoms while avoiding surgery.

For women seeking a more permanent solution we offer a native tissue vaginal prolapse repair. This simply means that we surgically strengthen the tissues already present in the body without placing any Mesh. Occasionally this type of treatment may  include a hysterectomy (removal of the womb/uterus) but in most cases we can offer uterus preserving surgery if so desired by the patient. Most procedures can be offered either vaginally or laparoscopic surgery (keyhole).

At the Hera Clinic our first step is to perform a thorough assessment of your symptoms while taking into account your wishes and concerns when exploring your treatment options. We are passionate about providing you excellent support and expert care throughout your treatment journey with us.